Camera Kit Setup Guide

This guide will provide instruction for the successful installation and initial operation of the Camera Kit.

Note:  The Camera Kit is only compatible with iPad that include a Lightning port. Double Robotics app version 2.3 and later is required to operate the Camera Kit.

The Camera Kit is shipped in it’s individual cardboard container. It is advised that you keep this container for return
if a repair situation arises.

When you open the box, the Camera Kit has been placed securely in the inserts. Remove the Camera assembly with the extended USB cable. The lens of the Camera is covered by a protective blue film. Leave this film in place until installation is complete.

After removing the Camera Kit, the Camera Assembly can be separated from the USB section called the Shoe Assembly. The two pieces are held together by magnets in each piece. The Camera Kit is designed in two pieces. The Shoe Assembly will be connected to the iPad mount by way of the USB cable. The Shoe Assembly will be connected to the iPad by way of the Apple Lightning Connector.

For existing Doubles, remove the iPad and the Lightning to USB cable. This USB cable will be replaced by the Shoe Assembly. The Camera Assembly and Shoe Assembly use magnets to allow for the Camera Assembly to be safely disconnected from the Shoe Assembly to prevent any damage to your iPad.

To install the Shoe Assembly:
(Note: For new Double users please skip to Step 4)
1. Disconnect the iPad cable from the charging port of the iPad.
2. Remove the iPad from the iPad Charging Head.
3. Disconnect the iPad cable from the iPad Charging Head.
4. After separating the Shoe Assembly from the Camera Assembly, insert the USB cable through the top of the iPad holder and connect to the USB port in the iPad holder.
5. Carefully thread the USB cord through the iPad cable canal. This is to ensure that when the iPad is inserted, the USB cable is not pinched.
(Note: The Camera Kit will still retain the ability to charge your iPad while the Double is charging.)

6. Insert the iPad upside down in the iPad Charging Head. For iPad Air, be sure to use the iPad spacer provided with the Robot.

7. Connect the Shoe Assembly into the iPad’s lightning connector that is now at the top of the Robot.

8. Place the Camera Assembly on the Shoe Assembly.  There will be noticeable connecting action due to the magnets.
(Photo of successfully installed Camera Kit on the Double.)

Make sure to download and/or verify that the latest Double app and firmware are installed.
If you need to update your Double’s firmware please visit this link here.
To verify your Double your Camera Kit has been successfully installed please visit the settings menu:
1. Tap the Settings menu in the upper right.
2. Select About.
3. In the About section the Camera Kit will display Installed.

For instructions on how to set up your Double, please click here.
Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 06:20PM PDT