How to Use the Calendar Tool in Fleet Management

Calendar tool enables you and your team to reserve a robot, just like you would reserve a conference room. As the admin, you will be able to create, modify, and delete reservations.

How to Create a Robot Reservation:​

Step 1. Select Calendar on your Fleet Management Dashboard.

Step 2. Select the "+" in the top left corner of the Calendar or select the desired date for the Robot Reservation.

Step 3. Select the Robot and Driver from the drop down menu.

Step 4. Choose the start time and duration for the Robot Reservation and click Save.
The created reservation will appear on the admin's calendar and the driver's calendar.

All robots that are reserved will display the reservation for the driver up to 12 hours in advance on the World Map screen. 

How to Modify a Robot Reservation:​

Step 1. Select the Robot Reservation on your Fleet Management Calendar

Step 2. Click Edit.

Step 3. Modify desired robot, driver, date, start time, and duration.

Step 4. Click Save.

Note: Visitor Passes that are created will also appear on the Calendar. For more information how to create a Visitor Pass click here.

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Last Updated: Jun 27, 2018 03:56PM PDT