How to Use Call Logs on Fleet Management

Call Logs is a feature that allows the admin to to download a report that displays the times of calls placed, duration of calls and users for a specific robot or all robots in the fleet.

Generating Call Log:

Step 1. Select Call Logs from your Fleet Management dashboard.

Step 2. Select the desired date range and click Update.

Step 3. Select all drivers or a specific driver and robot(s).

Step 4. Click the Download CSVThe downloaded CSV file is able to be opened in Microsoft Office and Google Docs. 

Note: There is limit of 10,000 rows per CSV download, so they may need to be done it in two ranges. If and when there are a few calls with NULL length, which happens when the exact end time was not recorded correctly.

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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2017 10:31AM PDT