My Double Is Not Charging My iPad

If you have noticed that your iPad is not charging on your Double, here are some things you may want to check:
  • Confirm that the iPad charging cable can charge the iPad outside of the iPad head. 
  • Make sure the iPad charging cable is firmly inserted all the way inside the USB port. 
  • Have the latest firmware installed on your Double app. Please follow this link for instructions on how to update your firmware.
  • If your Double has an Audio Kit, confirm that it says the Audio Kit is "Installed" in the Double Settings > About section. 
  • If you are using a Camera Kit with your Double, confirm that it says "Installed" in the Double Settings > About section.

Note: Double will always charge the iPad when in the Charging Dock. When not in the Charging Dock, the iPad will charge when the iPad battery gets low.

If your iPad still appears to not be charging while your Double is charging follow the troubleshooting steps below:

Step 1: Place Double into charging dock. If you don't have a charging dock, please use the brick charger. An orange or green LED on the front of the robot will indicate the Double is charging.

Step 2: If you are using an Audio Kit and Camera Kit, unplug the Audio Kit's microphone.
(If you have a Camera Kit but no Audio Kit, skip to Step 8. If you have no accessories, skip to Step 11.)

Step 3:
On the back of the Double's iPad Head locate the securing bolt.

Step 4: Use the supplied 3/16 hex tool to remove the securing bolt.

Step 5: Hold the dongle of the Audio Kit and lift up to remove iPad Head.

Step 6:
Push down on the Audio Kit's clasp to remove.

Step 7:
Lift up on the Audio Kit's dongle and speaker and remove from the Double's pole.

Step 8: Once Audio Kit is removed place the iPad Head with Camera Kit onto the Double's pole.

Step 9: Verify if the Camera Kit's LED turns on and displays as Installed in the About screen.

Step 10: Visit the iPad's home screen to confirm if the Double's iPad is charging. A lightning bolt next to the battery icon will appear.


If your iPad is able to charge the Audio Kit is at fault please contact

If your iPad does not charge after uninstalling the Audio Kit proceed to the additional steps below:

Step 11: Unplug the Camera Kit or the lightning cable from the iPad's lightning port.

Step 12:
Locate the opening on the bottom of the iPad Head and place your hands to push up on the iPad.

Step 13: Slide your iPad out of the Double's iPad Head.

Step 14: Unplug Camera Kit from USB port on the iPad Head.


Step 15: Once Camera Kit is removed, plug in a iPad lightning cable into the iPad Head. Plug the other end into your iPad.

Step 16: Return to the iPad's home screen to confirm if your iPad is charging.
A lightning bolt next to the battery icon will appear.

Please contact with the results of these tests and we will help to determine the root cause.
Last Updated: Nov 07, 2018 03:41PM PST