Ensuring High Quality of Service (QoS) for Double Calls

If you are looking to improve the call quality to your Double, there is a router that we recommend. This is specifically for Drivers to use at home. 

We recommend using the Ubiquiti EdgeMax EdgeRouter Lite ERLite-3 512MB Memory 3 Ethernet Ports Router:

This router has a feature that is great for automatic bandwidth shaping (giving priority to Double), thus improving the call quality. Connect this router in between your modem and access point. Be sure to set your modem into "modem-only" mode (if it has router and/or access point features) and set your access point into "access point-only" mode, if it also comes with router features (such as an Apple Airport or similar router+access point multi-function device. It is also recommended that you use a 5Ghz network connection. Note: While this may improve your call quality with Double, you may experience issues with other devices on the same bandwidth. 

The following steps below will guide you on how to set up EdgeRouter QoS:

1. Launch the EdgeRouter Lite software on your computer. You may also download the software here
2. If you know what your upload and download speed is, you may proceed to the next step. If not, you can use this website to capture your upload/download speeds. 
3. Once you know your upload/download speeds, click on the QoS tab on the EdgeRouter Lite software. This should be located on the upper right hand corner.  
4. After clicking on the QoS tab, you should now have a window open labeled Smart Queue
5. Click on the +Add Smart Queue
6. Under Policy Name, feel free to name it whatever you'd like (eg. Double QoS).
7. Click the WAN Interface tab, and select eth0
8. In the Upload section, round off your upload speed and enter in the number. For example, if your upload speed is 4.8mbps, you may want to enter in 5mbps. 
9. In the Download section, round off your download speed and enter in the number. For example, if your download speed is 48.9mbps, you may want to enter 50mbps. 
10. Once you have entered everything in, click Apply

 After you have gone through the steps above, you can run the Speedtest again. This time you may notice that both upload and download speeds have decreased. In order for Smart Queue to work, it will need to create a buffer to prioritize traffic. This buffer can be used for higher traffic activities done on the network, such as connecting to your Double. According to a forum post, Smart Queue works by prioritizing the highest amount of traffic and is not based on ports or protocols. 

You can watch the setup and a deeper explanation of EdgeRouter's QoS in the video below:

Access Points

We highly recommend running your access points on a 5 GHz channel, as this significantly reduces interference from other networks and devices in the area.

Ubiquiti makes the UniFi AP AC access points, which are high quality and have positive reviews.

If you have any more questions, please contact support@doublerobotics.com. 
Last Updated: Oct 12, 2018 04:32PM PDT