How to Use Bluetooth Only Driving with your iOS Device

If you wish to control to your Double via Bluetooth from your iOS device such as your iPad or iPhone, this support article will show you how. 

(Note: Double Robotics app version 2.3.4 (296) and later is needed for Bluetooth Only Driving.)

1. Place your Double in pairing mode by pressing the power button three times. A blinking blue LED on the front of the Double will appear.

2. On your iOS device, go to Settings > Bluetooth. Make sure Bluetooth is switched ON.

3. Locate the Double in the Bluetooth Settings Menu and tap on Double to pair.

4. Once paired, the words Connected will appear to the right of the Double.

5. After successfully pairing, a prompt will appear on the screen. Select Allow.

6. The Double app will appear with Bluetooth Double on the Robots list. Select on Bluetooth Double to operate.
(Note: You have to be logged into your Double account)

7. Once selected, the Double's UI will appear to control your Double. The range for bluetooth is 30-50ft and can even be connected over wifi. 
(Note: No video will be displayed on the Double Robotics app.)

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Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017 01:58PM PDT