How to Invite, Add or Remove Drivers using Fleet Management

The following guide will show you how to invite, add or remove drivers to your company account using Fleet Management.

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Inviting Users

Step 1. Log into the Fleet Management portal at

Step 2. On the Fleet Management dashboard, select Invite Users.

Step 3. Enter the desired username or e-mail address of the invitee(s).

(Note: You can invite up to 100 e-mail addresses at one time and
each invitation code can be used only once.)


Step 4. The email recipient will receive an invite to join and create an account. 

Step 5. Upon clicking the invitation link, the user will be brought to a page to Log In or Create Account. For new users, please select Create Account.

Step 6. The user will enter the desired username, email address and password.

Step 7. After the user has created the account, a prompt will appear asking to join team/company account. The user will click Accept Invitation.

The created account will now be needed to added to a Double.

Adding a Driver

Step 1. The created account will appear in the Users list in Fleet Management.

Step 2. The user will need to be added to a Double. In the Fleet Management Dashboard, please select Robots. Find the desired Double and click Drivers.

If the user is not added to a Double the user will not be able to see the Double upon logging into their account.

Step 3. Enter the username or email address in the field and click Add Driver.

Step 4. Once the username as been added to the selected robot(s), it will be displayed under the list of Drivers for that selected robot.

Remove/Revoke Drivers From a Double

Step 1. If you wish to remove/revoke a user's access to the assigned Double(s), select Robots and click on Drivers.

Step 2. Locate the username and click Revoke. This action will remove the user's account and they will no longer have access to the Double. The removed account will still appear on the Users list. 

Remove/Revoke Drivers From Your Fleet

Step 1.
Under Users select the box next to the username and choose Remove. This action will remove the user completely from your fleet. (Note: This will not delete the user's account.)

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Last Updated: Aug 10, 2017 01:29PM PDT