Volume Control in iOS 9.3 and later

Due to a recent change to Apple's iOS 9.3, programmatic control of the volume is no longer allowed. It must be done by a local user interacting with the iPad. 

Note: Customers that do not have an Audio Kit installed will no longer have the remote volume control feature.

Once you have the Audio Kit installed with the latest version of the Double app v. 2.2, you may notice the following message on your Double's iPad. 

To remove the message, simply increase the volume by using the volume buttons of the iPad on the lower left hand side. Please make sure to increase it to the maximum volume level. The hardware volume buttons may be disabled if Guided Access Mode is on. 

If you do not have an Audio Kit for your Double, we highly recommend that you consider using it.

For more information about the Audio Kit or anything regarding this article, please contact support@doublerobotics.com.

Last Updated: Aug 15, 2018 03:03PM PDT