My Call Is Stuck on "Connecting..."

If you are having issues calling into your Double and it just shows "Connecting...", there may be multiple reasons as to why it will not establish a connection. Such as:
  • Camera permissions not allowed.
  • Calling into your Double while Away/Busy.
  • Network Blocking Access.
Camera Permissions Not Allowed
If the Driver can control the Double but the receivers of the call cannot see or hear the Driver, the Driver needs to make sure camera and microphone permissions are allowed.

1. On the Chrome browser, locate the camera icon in the address bar in the upper right hand corner.

2. Click the camera icon and select Always Allow

3. Once selected, click Done.

4. End the call and reconnect.
(Note: When camera permissions are not allowed, the Driver will not be able to see their own local video.)


Double is Away/Busy:
If attempting to call into your Double while the status icon is yellow, meaning the Double is Away/Busy.

1. The Double app on the iPad may be minimized or a notification is in front of the Double app.

2. The call will not be established if the app is minimized. The app needs to be up and running in order to fully connect. 

3. To prevent the Double app from accidentally being minimized, we recommend using Guided Access mode, aka Kiosk Mode.

Photo of the Driver attempting to connect while app is minimized.
(Note: the Driver's local video will not be shown.)

Network Blocking Access:
If you are attempting to connect to your Double and the words "Connecting..." appear on both the Driver's and Double's screen, something on the network may be blocked. 

Please visit our Network Connectivity Requirements article for more details.

Photo of the Driver calling in via Chrome:

Screenshot of a Double attempting to receive a call:

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Last Updated: Sep 13, 2016 03:02PM PDT