How to Use Screen Sharing Mode

If you wish to share your desktop or present a document, please follow these simple steps.
(Note: This screen sharing is only available for the desktop Chrome web app)

Log onto via Chrome web browser.

2. After signing in, select the Double you want to call into.

3. After successfully calling into your Double select Screen Sharing located on the top toolbar indicated by the screen icon.

4. An extension will be required to run Screen Sharing. Click Install Extension.

5. A prompt on Chrome will appear after clicking Install Extension. Click Add Extension.

6. Once the extension has been successfully added a prompt will appear confirming Screen Sharing has been added.

7. Select Screen Sharing located on the top toolbar indicated by the screen icon.

8. The menu Share Your Screen will appear with a selection of windows and applications to share. After selecting your entire screen or application application window click Share.

9. Your entire screen or application will be appear on the Double.

10. You can resize image by selecting
the Application Window and simply grabbing the corner of the application and dragging it to desired size.


View of the application window being resized on the Double's iPad:


11. On the Driver's end, you will be able to see how the shared window is presented on the iPad.

12. To end screen sharing, simply click End Screen Sharing or the red Screen Sharing icon on the toolbar.

If you have any additional questions about this feature, please email
Last Updated: Jul 24, 2017 08:15AM PDT