How to Display A Web Page On Your Double

If you are connected to your Double via the Chrome web app, you can display a website on the Double's iPad.

1. To do this, connect to your Double, and hover your mouse cursor on the upper right hand side until you see the following icon.

2. Once you have clicked it, you will see the following popup. Enter in the website you wish to display.

3. After clicking Go, the Driver side will see the following:
Note that the Driver of the Double will not be able to locally see the webpage that is being displayed.

4. On the Double side, the webpage will appear. It is even interactive, meaning individuals on the Double side will get to click links on the website you display!

5. To end Display Web Page, simply click the icon again. It should go from red back to blue.

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Last Updated: Sep 08, 2016 04:17PM PDT