How to use Multi-Viewer Video

If you wish to have guests watch you navigate your Double, you can do so by using Multi-Viewer Video. 

1. After you have connected to your Double, hover your mouse cursor over to the upper right hand corner until you see the following icon. The icon will turn red indicating Multi-Viewer Video has begun.

2. Click this and you will get the following popup.
(Note: If you wish to have more than 5 people during Multi-Viewer Video please use Google Hangout.)


3. After clicking Begin Multi-Viewer, a unique link will be created which you can then share by copying and pasting the link to send to your guests.
The generated link for Multi-Viewer Video is only valid if the current session is active. If the Multi-Viewer Video session has ended the URL becomes invalid.

What your guests will see when they receive the link.

4. After your viewers have joined Multi-Viewer Video, you should see the following.


5. The names of your Viewers will appear under your local video. A blue audio bar represents the audio levels for each viewer.

If you wish to send the link to more viewers, simply click on Link. A pop up will appear with a URL to the Multi-Viewer Video session.
(Note: Only the Driver will have the ability to control the Double and your viewers will only be able to participate via audio only.)

5. Multi-Viewer Video will end once you click the Multi-Viewer icon. It will go from red back to blue.

If you have any additional questions about this feature, please contact
Last Updated: Jul 25, 2017 02:02PM PDT