iPad Mount Setup Guide

The iPad mount allows you to charge your iPad while it is installed on the Double. 

Installation Guide: 

1. First, you'll need to connect your iPad's charging cord to the USB port inside the mount.

2. Start wrapping the cord along the inside of the head mount. This can be done in any sort of way. 

3. Leave enough room at the end for the cord to reach your iPad's charging port. 

4. Making sure the cord is neatly tucked, you may now slide in your iPad (upside down) and plug in the cable.

5. Secure the iPad head mount with the hex wrench and bolt.

6. You can also view how to install the new iPad head mount in the following video.

For additional assistance, please email support@doublerobotics.com

Last Updated: Oct 11, 2018 06:11PM PDT