Double Specifications

Height: 47” - 59” (remotely adjustable)

Footprint: 10" x 9"

Weight: 15 lbs.

Speed: Slow to Moderate walking speed

Surface: Most indoor surfaces, as long as it’s mostly flat. E.g. carpet, concrete, hardwood, tiles.

Wheelchair ramp: Yes. Double will go up about a 5% incline (ADA compliant wheelchair ramp)

Outdoor use: No. Double is only meant for indoor use.

Battery: 8-10 hours per charge (depends on use). Charge time is about 3-4 hours. Lithium-Ion, just like laptops.

Microphone & Speakers: Depends on iPad used. 

Camera, LCD display: Depends on iPad used. Currently supports iPad version 2, 3, 4, Air, Air 2, Pro (9.7in), and 2017 iPad.

Front-facing camera: iPad’s front camera

Downward facing camera: iPad’s back camera

Driving distance: Unlimited. You can drive anywhere indoors as long as you have wireless internet or cellular connection. 

User interface: “Drive” a Double from an iPhone, iPad, or any computer (desktop or laptop) from our web interface (Google Chrome browser is recommended). Web interface will work on Mac OS X or Windows.

Autonomous behavior (Double driving around automatically on its own): None. The Driver remote person will have to drive it where he/she wants to be.

Network requirements: Wifi or 4G/LTE (cellular). Double itself has no wifi or 4G/LTE. Internet connectivity is obtained directly from your wifi router / access point / repeater directly to the iPad used as the robot’s “head”.

Video protocol: Standards-based WebRTC (Video component in HTML5).

Video encryption: Yes, with 128-bit AES. Video is encrypted end-to-end, not stored or recorded.

iOS SDK for integrating with any iPad app (or building your own): Yes.

Monthly fees or software fees: No

iPad included: No, sold separately

Warranty: Double and its accessories come with a ONE YEAR warranty from the date of receipt. We will cover all repair (and shipping) costs due to manufacturing defects. This coverage excludes normal wear & tear from normal use, and excludes abuse. (Note: Double is only meant for indoor use. Shipping costs will only be covered for the country the unit was originally shipped to.) Double will only cover shipping costs if the country in on our approved list. If your Double needs to be RMA'd, please contact 

You can find more information about our warranty here

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Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 01:22PM PDT