How do I drive my Double using the Chrome browser?

This support article will guide you on how to drive your Double using the Chrome web browser. 

1. To connect to your Double using Google Chrome, go to
2. After you have logged into your account, you should see your Double on the map. Click on the location bubble of your Double to connect. (
Note: If this is the first time you are connecting on Google Chrome, you may be asked to "Allow" access to your microphone/webcam.)
3. Once the call is connected, use the keys on your keyboard will control your Double. Here are the controls to keep in mind:

Moving Forward/Backward & Turning Left/Right
Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your Double forward, backwards, left, and right. 


To mute the Driver's microphone, press the M key on your keyboard. To mute sound from the Double, press the N key. 

Switch Camera View

The Space Bar will allow you to switch to the downward facing camera. This is great for when you wish to park your Double in the charging dock or if you want a closer look at the Double's feet to avoid obstacles.

Taking A Photo
If you wish to take a photo of what Double is seeing, hit the C button on your keyboard. The photo will instantly download to a Photos folder on your computer. 

To park your Double, hit the P button. This will either retract or deploy Double's kickstands. 

Raise & Lower Height
To raise your Double's pole, press and hold the R button. To lower your Double's pole, press and hold the F button. Holding either button down will depend on how low or high you would like Double to be. 

Disconnecting/Ending Call
To disconnect or end a session on Double, hit the ESC button. 

Chrome Browser UI
Below you will find a guide for what the Driver will see once connected to Double on their Chrome browser.

Power Drive

To learn how to use Power Drive while Driving a Double 2 using Google Chrome, please see this article

Changing Camera or Microphone
If you'd like to change the camera or mic on your computer, simply follow this article

For any additional questions, please email Support at 

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 04:33PM PDT