My Double Is Not Charging

The following is the expected behavior of your Double while charging:
  • Your Double should charge within 2 to 3 hours while in the Charging Dock or plugged into the wall adapter.  
  • When your Double is charging, the LED indicator on the front (under the logo) should show an orange color.
  • When your Double is fully charged, the LED indicator on the front (under the logo) should show a green color.
If your Double does not indicate that it is charging, be sure to check that your wall outlet is powered by testing it with another device.  If you are using a Charging Dock, ensure that the power cord is inserted fully into the base of the Dock.  If you are using a power adapter, a green LED on the power adapter will indicate that it is powered.

If your Double does not appear to be holding a charge, and it has been sitting unused for over a month without power, you should place it in the Charging Dock for 24 hours to recondition the battery.

If you observe any of these items to be different than described, please record a brief video while performing the following steps:
  1. Ensure the robot is off, and it is not docked or plugged in to the wall adapter.  You can confirm this by observing that there are no LEDs on either the front or back of the robot.
  2. Try powering on the robot by holding the power button for 3 seconds.  Record video of the front LED (directly underneath the Double logo) while you power the robot on.

  1. Slide your Double into the Charging Dock with the Double logo facing the Charging Dock.  Alternatively, if you do not have a Charging Dock, you can plug the power adapter directly into the robot.  Record a video of the LEDs in the back of the robot near the power button as you slide the robot into the dock or plug it in.  Monitor these LEDs for the next 5 minutes and note any changes in color or blinking.

Last Updated: Mar 13, 2019 04:27PM PDT