My Double Is Not Charging

Your Double requires a minimum of 2 hours to hold a full charge. If your Double isn't holding a charge, there are several things we'd like for you to check:

Using A Power Brick
  • Make sure the brick charger lights up when plugged into the power outlet (green light). 
  • Check the cord of the charger and ensure that the barrel jack isn't loose. The cable should be solid and sturdy.
  • Test the power outlet itself. See if other appliances are working when plugged in. 
  • Make sure your Double is on the latest firmware
  • When you first plug in your robot to the brick charger, does the following happen in the photo below?

Using A Charging Dock
  • When the Double is in the Dock, does the Double's front LED turn orange/green?
  • Ensure that the Dock's power cord on the side is plugged in all the way. 
  • Check the Dock fork itself. Make sure there aren't any cut wires. 

Steps to Recalibrating your Double's battery
Another suggestion we have is to let your Double's battery drain completely.

1. If the front LED on your Double is blinking red (indication of low battery), let it sit until ALL LEDs (front and back) have shut off. This must be done so the battery can be re-calibrated.
2. Afterwards, proceed to charge as normal. It is very important this process is uninterrupted as it may reset the recalibration process. 
3. If the Double appears to be charging again (check the status on the Double Robotics app), please let it charge to 100% or until you see the Double's front LED turn green.
4. Then unplug it again to do another re-calibration cycle (repeat Steps 1 & 2). 

Solid Red Light
If you are having difficulty charging your robot and notice a solid red LED located in the back, your robot's battery may require a jump.

1. Simply unplug the power cable from the robot and reinstall.
2. If the red LED in the back reappears after two minutes repeat the process. 

If you have gone through these steps and your Double is still not charging, please contact us at 

Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 04:05PM PDT