I Can Call Into My Double But I'm Unable To Drive It

If you are able to call into your Double but are unable to control it, please check the following:
  • Power cycle both the Double and the iPad.
  • Disconnect the call and force quit the Double app and relaunch. To Force Quit an app on iOS devices, click here.
  • Make sure the iPad is paired via Bluetooth to the Double. If the iPad is not paired to the Double you will be unable to drive the robot. To reset the Bluetooth connection to your Double and iPad, click here.
  • Make sure your Double is not connected to the brick charger. Using the downward facing camera also check to see if there is anything obstructing your robot's path.
  • If your Double is displaying a flashing white LED while unplugged or removed from the charging dock, you will need to update the firmware. To update your Double's firmware, please click here.
If you still cannot drive your Double after checking these items, please visit the About section of the Double app. In the About section if both Hardware and Firmware are displaying 0 you must restore your iPad via iTunes.
(Note: Only restore your iPad if BOTH Hardware and Firmware is displaying 0)

(Photo below is the Double app not displaying hardware, firmware or a serial number)

Reformatting your iPad

1. Open iTunes on your Mac or PC.
2. Connect your iPad to your computer with the cable that came with your iPad.
3. If a message asks for your iPad passcode or to Trust This Computer, follow the onscreen steps.
4. Select your iPad when it appears in iTunes.

5. In the Summary panel, click Restore [device].

6. You may be prompted to turn off Find My iPad.

7. Open the Settings app on your iPad > iCloud > turn off the Find My iPad option.

8. Now the device will ask you to enter the Apple ID password to turn off Find My iPad. After doing so, you will disable the Find My iPad option.

9. Click Restore again to confirm. Then iTunes erases your device and installs the latest iOS.

10. After your iPad restores to factory settings, it restarts. Now you can set it up as new.

11. Pair your iPad to your Double via Bluetooth. Bluetooth pairing instructions here.

If you need additional help, please email support@doublerobotics.com.

Last Updated: Mar 31, 2017 01:29PM PDT