Guided Access Mode, aka Kiosk Mode (Recommended!)

We recommend using Guided Access mode on your robot's iPad. 

Guided Access will:
  • Prevent your Double's iPad app from minimizing into the background if someone presses the iPad's Home button by accident or if you get notifications.
  • Restart the Double iPad app automatically if it crashes.
  • Suppress iPad pop-ups which may interfere with an active call.

Setting Up Guided Access

1. Launch Settings on your iPad.

2. Under General, select Accessibility.

3. Scroll down to find Guided Access under Learning.

4. If Guided Access is switched off, please switch it on. 

(Optional - it is up to you if you want to create a unique passcode for this mode)

5. Now, launch Double's app, and triple click the iPad's Home button (fast) 3 times to enable Guided Access Mode. The app will somewhat be minimized and options on the borders of the app will appear.
(Important! If you do not triple click the iPad's Home button Guided Access Mode will NOT be enabled.)

6. To ensure your iPad's Volume Buttons are not disabled select Hardware Buttons then switch Volume Buttons ON.

7. To start Guided Access, simply tap Start on the upper right hand corner. You may be prompted to create a Passcode if you had not already done so. 

8. To end Guided Access, triple click the iPad Home button 3 times again and select End on the upper left hand corner.

For more information about Guided Access, visit this link:

If you need additional help, please email 
Last Updated: Jul 13, 2017 11:30AM PDT