WebRTC Test Using OpenTokRTC.com

If you are having trouble connecting to your Double using Chrome or are encountering an error message, the following instructions may be able to help you. 

We want to make sure video and audio (WebRTC* protocol) can pass on your wireless network. Please note, that this is a test to see if your web browser allows you to connect to your Double. If you continue to have trouble connecting to your Double, please notify support@doublerobotics.com.

1. On a computer (desktop or laptop, NOT iPad), open this link on a WebRTC-enabled browser (e.g. latest Chrome): http://opentokrtc.com/​

2. Next, you'll want to create a room. 

3. Once you have created a room, Chrome may ask if you will allow access to your computer's camera and microphone. Please make sure you hit Allow

4. Once you have done that, you should be able to see yourself!

5. Next, open either http://opentokrtc.com/​ on another computer or you can download the app from the app store onto your iPad. Link for the app is here. (This can also be searched for in the App Store, however, please make sure you filter your search for "iPhone Only" as it is made for the iPhone.)

5. Once you have it downloaded, open the app and either enter the room you created or create a room.

6. You'll be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone.

7. After allowing permissions, you should be able to see two way video.

Web View

App View

Note: If you're at home, and your Double is at your office (different physical location), then you need to run this WebRTC test from a computer at home, to a computer at the office. Meaning, if you just open a tab on the same computer, that means that your local wifi permits WebRTC, but not necessarily the wifi where your Double is.

If you only see 1 video: 

  • If you only see 1 video, or no video at all, then something on the network is preventing WebRTC from working. Make sure UDP is permitted on your network.
  • If your browser does not prompt you for permission to use your camera and microphone, that could potentially be a problem. Perhaps the browser doesn't detect your camera + mic, or your camera + mic is blocked from use by your company's system administrator, etc. 
*WebRTC is an open standard, and it is the video component of HTML5

If you continue to see a black screen when trying to connect, please submit a network port test to Double Support. If you need instructions, please visit this article

For more support, please contact support@doublerobotics.com.
Last Updated: Sep 12, 2016 05:32PM PDT